Servicing to other companies of CPG Group in Germany, Turkey

06 JANUARY 2021

CPG Pars the international mining & industrial company has been registered in the companies and non-commercial institutions registration office of Tehran in 2013 with the ID number: 14003853901 and financial code: 411451888699 and the registration code: 448770

The main purposes of this company establishment have been: services, Commercial affairs and the projects in field of mining and related industries in continuum of the value of the mining & metal productions and Energy zone through the deployment of day knowledge, manager experiences and benefiting from the young man-power motivation and using the power of CPG Company network in Germany, Turkey and China.

The managers of this Company have a big purpose and that's a new chapter in customer satisfaction and prosperity of our country Iran.

One of this company emphasizes is benefiting from the day knowledge and the knowledge of the successful managers in productive, services, commercial institutes and national and prosperity plans.

This prophecy dues many years' experiences of experts in so many projects.

Another purpose of this company establishment is servicing to other companies of CPG Group in Germany, Turkey and China and also coordination amount these companies in performing the projects in Iran.

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